Steelheart (Reckoners, #1)Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
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Well that went by extremely fast! Before I knew it I was finished reading this. For no specific reason, I haven’t really read much YA fiction. If I’m being honest, I grabbed the Reckoner series because it was written by Brandon Sanderson

I have a suspicion that the book is classified as YA due to the fact that the man character, David, is only 18. If this makes you trepidatious, go ahead and read it anyway, as the novel reads like any adult fiction.

The setting for the series is Earth 10 years after an event known as Calamity. The appearance of Calamity turned some humans into “Epics”. Epics are humans that have powers, specifically superhero-like abilities, which they unfortunately do not use for the greater good. Since all attempts to fight them prove unsuccessful, the governments of the world capitulate to these Epics. One group is crusading to put an end to their reign: The ‘Reckoners’.

The story follows David’s quest to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the titular character, Steelheart, who is seemingly invincible. He wishes to join the Reckoners to get them to help bring Steelheart down, and attempts to do so when they attempt an assassination of a minor Epic. After hearing his story the group decides to go after Steelheart, and this is the main plot of the book.

As for the writing…it’s Brandon Sanderson. The pacing is just right, character development is great, and plot is engaging. As with Sanderson’s fantasy books, no one character is perfect without flaws. Every Epic has weaknesses, the Reckoners have flaws.

In being objective I should mention what I perceived as the only real drawback to the book, but should be taken with some understanding. Overall, the book borders on simple and at times predictable if you are accustomed to Sanderson’s fantasy library. I suggest understanding on the part of the reader if you are an adult used to reading plots involving multiple viewpoints, plot points, and settings. It is a YA book after all, so if you are a young adult, or you can realize the reasons for making it accessible to the target demographic, you will enjoy the ride. I highly recommend this book and look forward to continuing the series.

4.5 Stars

tl;dr – Great new spin on the superhero genre, and enjoyable to read. Those accustomed to Sanderson’s other works or not used to reading YA novels may find the book a bit on the simple, predictable side.

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