Firefight (Reckoners, #2)Firefight by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firefight is the second novel in the Reckoners series, and the best in the series (as of June 2016). There is a short story preceding this, but after Steelheart called Mitosis. Make sure to read before engaging Firefight.

This installment finds David joining Prof and a new cell of the Reckoners in Babylon Restored, formerly New York. The city has been flooded by a High Epic who now reigns by the name Regalia. Landmark buildings and bridges have been submerged and grafitti mysteriously illuminates the city. The setting is new and different, which requires the team to employ different tactics than the ones they might use in Newcago.

The story casts a light into the growing difference in ideology regarding the fate of the Epics between Prof and David. This is never more so evident as when Megan enters the story and now David has to choose to follow his heart or disobey his mentor. This drama unfolds in the midst of the plans to take down the Epics in the city.

As I’ve stated in my review of Mitosis, I feel as though that novella should have been included in Firefight. If you haven’t read that novella immediately before this book, the story’s beginning would have suffered. In my mind I really view Mitosis as the backstory. That being said, with the world well established in Steelheart, Firefight is allowed to be fully developed and the book is impossible to put down. Highly Recommend this book.

4.0 Stars on it’s own
4.8 Stars if you lump Mitosis with Firefight.

tl;dr — Excellent story and dialogue. Don’t skip reading Mitosis.

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