Calamity (Reckoners, #3)Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
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All things come to an end.

Calamity is the last book in a series revolving around the Reckoners. We’ve followed David on his journey and have seen him grow and mature over the three books. His character was easy to like and was always hilarious with his bad metaphors. Like really bad metaphors. His metaphors were as bad as a milk carton in the oven baking at 350 for twenty minutes. You see, ‘cause the milk would sour and would taste and smell horrible. What? It makes sense if you think about it. 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed reading the series and Sanderson really shows his talent for writing in any arena. He is an amazingly talented and accomplished writer. I always enjoy his worldbuilding, character development, and great plots. I mention this because I was slightly let down by Calamity.

In my opinion, the book felt like a watered-down version of what I know Sanderson can do when he gives a story his all. It almost felt as though he was holding something back.

I need to say though that the majority of the novel was great and I LOVED the action and watching the team try to defeat, yet save one of their own. As it crept closer and closer to the end though, I couldn’t help but feel there wasn’t enough time. I asked myself, Did I misread? Is there another book coming? After confirming it was the last in the series, I powered onward to the end. There were many unanswered questions in regards to the main villain of the story (technically of the whole series) and about his role in the story. Every scene and dialogue was written perfectly… it’s the plot that suffered.

Saying this though, I do not regret reading the book or series, I guess I just expected more from an author that has never failed to deliver in the past. Brandon didn’t become my favorite author by letting me down at the end of a book, so maybe I’m just surprised I didn’t like the ending. I do recommend Calamity, however, with the caveat that one may not feel satisfied at the conclusion.

3.9 Stars

tl;dr — Great, fun to read book and recommended read. Disappointing as the end of the series.

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