The Shadow Of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy, #1)The Shadow Of What Was Lost by James Islington
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So every once in a while a book comes along that you read on a whim, forgetting exactly where you got the idea to pick it up.

This was that book, and unfortunately, I am left with no one to thank profusely.

Let me start by saying I highly recommend The Shadow of What Was Lost.

Rather than sticking to one narrative, the book is told from the perspective of Davian (the linchpin of the story), his friend Wirr, and Asha. Their adventures happen in a world where a war was fought and “Gifted” people were forced to abide by tenants, diminishing their power. Along their journey they are joined by a mysterious amnesiac named Caeden who may or may not be an ally. There are moments were villians are chasing the main characters, but that is not the focal driving force of the character development.

I could provide a more in-depth review, but I really do not want to spoil any bits of the plot. I would rather you explore and enjoy the book as I did, because it’s a wonderful read. If you find it parallels the storytelling of Brandon Sanderson, you’re not alone. Islington himself is a fan and he does well to be similar but stand clearly on his own.

It’s rare thing for me to not have many negative criticisms, but genuinely cannot think of a single point I did not like. I’ve heard some argue that the plot was a bit formulaic, but with the abundance of characters having important roles vital to the plot, I don’t agree.

tl;dr — Love this book, and highly recommend. May not like the book…. if you don’t like fantasy?

5.0 Stars

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