Green Lantern, Volume 3: Wanted: Hal JordanGreen Lantern, Volume 3: Wanted: Hal Jordan by Geoff Johns
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Well, this one was a fun read!

Wanted: Hal Jordan opens when Hal and his fellow pilots were kidnapped by Chechnyan terrorists. Apparently, Jordan leaves his Power Ring in his locker at base whenever he flies. During a flight, their planes were shot down and they were tortured for months. Even though he managed to escape capture with his crew, he’s never forgiven himself for that. The obvious reason being that he could have easily saved everyone, and vows to wear his ring because of that.

Later, Hal is back in Chechnya to again have to rescue Cowgirl again (Seriously? Twice? Same Group?) Well apparently in doing so, we find he is in violation of the Freedom of Power Treaty, and the Global Guardians come to take him down.

After this, so much happens that I really do not want to recap all the awesome moments. I definitely recommend sticking to the end. Before getting there, you will have seen the Yellow Power Rings (powered by Fear) seeking out worthy candidates, and be treated with an awesome scene:

My thoughts on the final arc, “Mystery of the Star Sapphire” can be summed up quickly. Despite a lackluster story, the art was great and it really ends on an intriguing scene. I was left definitely wanting to read more. Altogether, this book was enjoyable and I’m liking the Green Lantern series more and more.

tl;dr – Great fun continuing Hal’s progression, definitely feel threads weaving for an upcoming showdown.

4.0 Stars

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