Green Lantern Corps, Volume 2: The Dark Side of GreenGreen Lantern Corps, Volume 2: The Dark Side of Green by Dave Gibbons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, not a lot here for me to discuss, so this review will be short.

This volume has two arcs, the first centered around Guy Gardner and a Black Ops assignment that showed a deeper, darker side of the Corps that I’m guessing doesn’t get shown a lot. I enjoyed the pacing, the art was great, and was worth the read.

In the second, Mogo gets infected with a fungus that is yellow (hint of something to come maybe?). It is because of this that Guy gets accused of murder and is pursued to answer for his crimes. Others are infected by the planet, and they two begin to act murderously.

I am glad for reading, though because you get to see more of the GL side of the DC Universe and see more characters. It would be hard for me to recommend, however, unless you are a die-hard GL fan.

tl;dr (You need one for this review?) Didn’t care for story, but liked exploring new characters.

3.0 Stars.

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