Empire's End (Star Wars: Aftermath, #3)Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig
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Thank goodness. Thank goodness I finally finished this series and can say I’m done with it. As with the previous books, it’s obvious this is indeed a novel set in the Star Wars universe, but it is by no means a Star Wars novel. This series lacked the heart that almost all the Legacy books contained. Gone are the main characters from the movies that are pivotal to the Star Wars universe. That alone would be excused if the story was told by a competent writer. Sadly, that is the main reason this trilogy suffered.

The story suffers due to the fact that Wendig chooses to inject biased, liberal views into what should be written as a medium to escape from the faults of modern day hot politics. Star Wars should be seen as simply good versus evil, which should have nuance, yes. However it should not be about conservative views versus liberal views. The stories should be universal so all can enjoy. Chuck obviously has his own agenda and he uses every opportunity to push these views on to the reader.

The Aftermath trilogy should have been the most important narrative in the current Star Wars canon, as it should serve as the bridge from ROTJ to TFA. Menial characters that are difficult to care about and plot points that seem to target young adults. The space battles which should be a staple of the series fall completely flat and fail on the sense of wonder that was initiated by seeing that crashed Star destroyer on Jakku in TFA. I won’t go into the story/character arcs for this review, because honestly I don’t care enough anymore to expound upon the trilogy. I can honestly say that I’m genuinely concerned that I’ve outgrown Star Wars since Disney’s purchase – Something I never thought I would say. Anyway, if you’re reading this after the first two books and you haven’t started the series: Just. Don’t. Your time would be better spent watching paint dry.

tl;dr — ONLY read to finish trilogy. Then scold yourself for not reading something better.

2.0 Stars

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